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With the abundance of information available on the internet, search engines, social networks, and mobile applications have to rely on algorithms to create a fluid user experience that tailors its content to every single person based on how they interact with such websites. One of these is Instagram, an image sharing mobile application. Although these algorithms make for a user friendly experience in the way we see images, they contrast with more traditional forms of photo editing such as the photobook and the exhibition, which are usually curated or edited by a real person. While some images may be intended for Instagram, others are reused on the website and decontextualized through their surrounding images. This poster compares and contrasts both sharing spaces present on Instagram, the home feed and the user’s feed, and pulls examples from different accounts to show how they relate to photo editing. It analyzes how an image is rewritten by its digital surroundings and how this diminishes the role of the author or editor inside the social network. 

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Lucas Jaremczuk Pandolfo (France) 10062
Scientific production

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