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Abstract This thesis explores how traditional dress in Saudi Arabia may conform to standards of modesty and reference local heritage but still be fashionable. The approach selected for this study combines analytical, descriptive and historical methods along with a practical approach, with prototypes that aim to be both desirable to modern women, while still reflecting the history and traditions of the local area. The purpose is to demonstrate ways in which traditional Islamic dress can be fused with modern fashion trends in a manner that remains respectful of regional heritage. More specifically, methods will be proposed for how the culture and traditions of Bani Malik Al Hijaz can be preserved and incorporated into a modern fashion style. Studying traditional costumes of nations helps to protect them from vanishing, spreading them throughout the world by mixing their design with modern creative ideas and innovations that are compatible with the current world of fashion. There are several useful sources used for this project such as local museums, people who frequent local markets, journal and books. Therefore, the aim of the work is to interpret the traditional dress for contemporary women so that these ideas do not disappear, but rather, will be recreated with the modern lifestyles in mind. The main challenge I faced as a designer, was how to in-cooperate my heritage into a modern style that would be accepted by the women in Bani Malik. I also faced the challenge of what techniques I could use to make these designs unique. I was able to overcome this situation through my research and practical application.

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Faizah Hezam Almalki 1307
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