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Blockchain is still a mystery, mostly related with cryptocurrency. While it has lots of opportunities for the art market: it can follow the circulation of works, record provenance and prices, help for the collective investment in artworks and deal with verification problems, moreover – it can capture customers’ behavior.There are several startups which are trying to offer solutions: first group tries to add transparency to the art industry and deals with proof of ownership; while second is about removing middlemen from art sales which could have positive impact on art evaluation.Is art market ready for these changes? How can ministries of culture, museums and artists help to develop these technological innovations? Who can stimulate galleries and art auction houses to use these tools? Are we ready for the transparency in art market? Does “transparency” exit at all? Is there a magic touch in art work which could have never been removed or calculated, especially by the technology?

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Ornela Ramasauskaite (Lithuania) 10151
Scientific production

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