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For some years now, it has been evident in most museums that visitor behavior has changed significantly compared with the past. This behavior was accelerated after museums began to use "instagramability" for exhibitions that encouraged the public to go to the exhibition event for the sake of "selfies". Can the goal of a quality education policy still be achieved if more and more visitors come to the museum to take a snapshot? What does this trend mean for art museums? A research project was conducted in 2018-2019 to deal with these questions, to analyze and to discuss the resulting possibilities for museums. The project examined and documented the behavior of visitors in dealing with media in art museums and questioned museum visitors and experts to see what is currently changing. The collected results of this investigation will be presented in the form of a "work of art" that invites visitors to rethink the significance of art museums or exhibitions for the public. This aspect of self-reflection in the face of changing visitor behavior allows museum people to deal with the questions of future mediation.

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Hon Hei Lam 1608
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