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The increasingly widespread use of smartphone and online platforms in Iran, despite the presence of the governmental controlling powers willing to suppress and restrain socio-political spaces, has been influencing the ways of communication and urban activities. Among the urban activities which have become entangled with social media, urban arts are noteworthy specially because of their informal, sometimes illegal, or problematic characteristics in Iran. Using qualitative methods of netnography, based on visual and textual data sourcing from Instagram, this paper studies the ways urban arts, including graffiti and street music, are mediated, represented and communicated via Instagram. The case study covers a number of artists who run Instagram accounts and also a number of Instagram users who are interested and curate urban arts in the urban context. By providing a categorization of the ways in which problematic and non-problematic performances and materials of urban arts are combined with acts of Instagramming, this investigation explains the mediated practices of urban arts in Tehran and examines the consequences of this process of mediatization. 

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Alireza Taherifard (Iran) 7747
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