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With the development of Internet technology and smartphones, network audiovisual has formed a new expression. Originally, television and movies were the choices of entertainment. Later, the rise of the Internet and the Internet entered public life. Today, mobile phones are quickly becoming an integral part of people's lives because of their convenience and entertainment. However, we must be aware of the difference between a mobile phone and a television and a computer as a carrier. The screens of computers and TVs are horizontal, but the screens of mobile phones are vertical. This has led to some new expressions that will result from mobile phones. This gave birth to the era of vertical screens. With the advent of the vertical screen era, new video image production methods will be created. The vertical screen gives us a lot of freshness and convenience. At the same time, it also gives us a lot of thinking. This study will attempt to find the current state of vertical video and vertical film. Vertical screen as a new way of the video presentation, how vertical video and the vertical film should show the beauty of the picture, whether vertical screen video needs a set of production theory different from traditional video, and it is also worth considering and discussing how to make good and novel narrative.

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Na Zhang (China) 9356
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