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While comics and film share many characteristics, transforming narrative from page to screen is a complex and skilfully constructed succession of unique micro processes, each in their own right strongly influencing the adapted film's outcome. The purpose of this study therefore, is to disentangle the complex layers at play, both practical and theoretical, during the process of adapting comics into film. Additionally, this research will attempt to challenge the popular belief that film adaptations based on comics are nothing more than overpowered- mainstream-superheroes saving the Universe. To do this, I will reveal the uncharted world of alternative comics—a term adopted by Charles Hatfield in Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature (2005) and used by authors such as Liam Burke, Ian Gordon and Pascal Lefèvre when referring to non-mainstream American superhero comic books. Specifically, this research seeks to analyse the relationship between source text and adaptation, and employs arguments set forth by renowned literary scholar Linda Hutcheon in her book A Theory of Adaptation (2013) to support the findings.  

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Victor Araneda Jure (Australia) 9073
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