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The director intends to express their intended direction through costumes. So the audience can feel more in the movie and can get in more. Costumes is one of the language of the movie. Zhang Yimou's movie has strong national characteristics. his movies focus on the image of a special and charming Chinese woman. His movie shows the appearance of China in that era and the current state of life of Chinese society and Chinese women. The costume conveys the words that the character can't say with his mouth. Zhang Yimou's movie costumes have a strong personal color and artistic value. His movie costumes are very particular in color, style and fabric. They reflected the society, the characteristics and the character hierarchy. It also expresses the inner heart and their character. The use of his costumes is of great artistic and cultural value. The movie Red Sorghum, Ju Dou, Raise the red lantern shows the image of women in a concentrated way. The use of costumes has also received high praise. For example, <Red Light> won the Best Costume Design Award in Venice. By analyzing the color, type and material of the costumes in the movie, you can see the characteristics of Zhang Yimou in the use of costumes. we also can see the symbolic meaning of costumes communication. Costumes was the reaction of society and culture at the time and women’s psychology and character in various periods. Through the female protagonist can see the fate, hope and resistance of Chinese women. The movie as a type of literature shows the style of that era. It has a good value of literary research.

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