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Philippines is a culturally diverse country with millions of indigenous people coming from different ethnic groups. One of them is the Igorot, a group of indigenous people in Northern Philippines whose norms were discussed in this study using Sociocultural Approach. Although there are many of them in the country, they remain unnoticed if not discriminated because of their way of living. Despite having a noteworthy culture, people find it odd because they are not aware of it. This has driven literary studies which aims to disclose and understand these practices through literary pieces; and while other literary study zeroed in on extracting the overall culture of one group, this paper explores their culture in marriage reflected in the short story The Wedding Dance written by a local author. It shows that Igorot women must conceive a child in a specific period. It is an essential of life for them especially for the men since it is a measurement of wealth. Thus, they must have a child even if it meant to separate and marry another. In their culture one must sacrifice to conform to the unwritten law of the tribe. The story also shows opposition of married couple to the unwritten law but is defeated by cultural dictates. In their observance of the matrimony of marriage, wives must submit and adhere to their husbands. The study reveals what exactly is the role of a husband inside the marital union.

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Kimalin Satud (Philippines) 10524
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