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Using Ferguson’s formula[1] as a starting point, we shall present an overall picture of the languages in contact in Algeria.  This leads us to decide on the type of multilingual setting we have at hand. We shall evaluate the degree of language awareness for the Algerian child not only during his socialization process but also during his schooling phases. The objective behind this approach is to suggest avenues of exploration for a better understanding and handling of languages in Algeria and their impact on the educational system. A number of issues will be dealt with. Some of these are: - Issues on Language Awareness (Krashen,, Dabène, Selinker, Gaonac’h, Vygostki, Bruner) and the early acquisition stages of a Foreign Language in the case of Algeria. - The relation Mother Tongue / Foreign Language in communication situation by the Algerian child (Interlingua, transfers, breakdowns, identity, individual vs. institutional representations, …) The prospective results centre on the institutional, material, space and temporal requirements for the Algerian school to improve foreign language acquisition at an early stage. - The role of the teacher, teaching material, textbook, teaching programs (Aims and objectives, the question of Norm and its implications  –educational, functional, cultural, …) - Suggestions on language teaching and the current CBLT (Competency Based Language Teaching) implementation in Algeria. [1] . Ch. Ferguson (1986: 311),  National Sociolinguistic Profile Formulas, Bright, W. ed., Sociolinguistics. The Hague, Mouton.

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BOUHADIBA Abderrahmane, Noureddine (Algeria) 552
I'm a Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FLE) in the Department of English at Oran2 University, Oran, Algeria. My main area of interest is the Didactics of English, with special reference to Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Algerian Universities. My other area of investigation is Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics for the Arabic, English, and French languages.
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