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Cinema movements have a great importance in the history of world cinema. Turkish cinema, which completed its formation process between 1950 and 60, spended the 1960s in search of a national cinema movement. After a decade in which many successful films were produced, the 1970s were dominated by melodramas. But in the 1970s realistic films reflecting social change in the country were also produced. This is a period in which important films that left their mark in the history of Turkish cinema were also shot. 1980s and 1990s were periods in which new movements and new narration styles emerged in Turkish cinema. In the 1980s, a feminist perspective became effective. 1990s was a period in which a new Turkish cinema industry emerged. In this period, new genres were tried and new directors entered the industry. In the 2000s, many films took awards at international festivals, and international co-productions were shot. Different cinema movements have been effective in all these periods. In every new era, there is a search of new genres in Turkish cinema and new filmmakers form a different language. All these bring discusisions with them about whether there are strong and continuous movements in Turkish cinema. In the light of all these, movements in Turkish cinema, their impact on the history of Turkish cinema and the relationship between cinema movements and social change in the country will be examined in this study. Existing debates on cinema movements in Turkey and the relationship between Turkish cinema movements and movements in the world cinema are also the subject of this study. National Cinema Movement, Social Realism, Revolutionary Cinema Movement and Feminist Cinema will be examined in the study. Key words: Turkish cinema, cinema movements, social change

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Cicek Coskun 817
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