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In the wake of the ever-evolving policy arrangements for asylum seekers in Turkey, research must address the inevitable integrative measures that Turkish policy-makers face in counteracting the overwhelming migration crisis. Building on recent literature, this research examines post-EU-Turkey Deal accommodations which have been made to handle the presence of the (not-so-)Temporary Protection beneficiaries (TPB) that remain in a continuous state of limbo in the country. I will apply components of multi-level governance integration theory to the TPBs in Turkey. First, I will use publicly available data and conduct a multivariate regression analysis on the effects of labor market integration on other integration categories. I will do this in order to create a basis for my next step. Second, I will both use participant-observation and conduct a survey on whether the increased access to work permits post-EU-Turkey deal affects self-perception of feeling integrated into the labor market and integrated into the Turkish society overall. Lastly, I will conduct interviews with actors relevant to the TPB labor market integration process to address their successes and desires for policy collaboration and feedback from a multi-level governance standpoint. With the clarity of the impact of labor market integration on overall integration for TPBs, as well as what effects the Deal has on refugees’ quality of life and opportunities, the participating actors that work with the refugees can adapt their approaches and collaborate to foster a more integrative environment.

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Elisa D'Amico (United States of America) 8763
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