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Indian society after independence (1947) has committed itself to its all-round development. It has started taking measures for its social and educational development along with its political and economic development. It is striving to eradicate whatever inequalities exist between its different social groups. In India some social groups have remained backward for centuries and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are the most backward among them. In India, providing education to all the citizens is a Constitutional commitment. The experience of the last 72 years has shown that mere placing of a high priority on education on policy statements will, not ensure that marginalized groups are covered by national programs. The educational policies in un-divided Andhra Pradesh had benefited the private sector which led for the increase of more number of institutions which affected the public education sector. Telangana which is a new state is taking all responsibilities for providing a better and quality education. The educational institutions which were small in number have given a good result for the emancipation of the Dalit’s and Tribes. To enrich the empowerment of education to these social groups the state has come up with new educational policies and introduced more number of educational institutions in the name of Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, Backward Class Welfare and Minority Residential Schools in the state of Telangana. These institutions are giving a good result by implementing new education policies in teaching curriculum as part of KG to PG education policy. In this context the paper tries to through a light on how the new education policy will be implemented successful in the name of common school system and how these institutions are going to benefit for the marginalized communities.  

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