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This research relies on the sociological assumption that time is not only a natural objective entity, but also constructed, performed, and disciplined through everyday temporal practices. In the context of a specific New York City based no-excuse school serving socio-economically, racially, and linguistically disadvantaged students - Success Academy, the research shows how different temporal practices are utilized in order to reach an educational goal of closing the achievement gap. Success Academy’s pedagogy - more specifically, their pedagogical handbook ‘Mission Possible’ exposes how different temporal practices are taught in interaction with one another and how they are order-dependent. Analysing the discourse through Success Academy’s underlying goal to produce students achieving both academically and socio-economically, this research shows how some temporal practices are prerequisites for learning (and teaching) other, more complex temporal practices. These practices - time taught to be quantifiable and measurable, scarce and finite, can become a base on which students are disciplined, compared and competing. Moreover, such practices are an understanding that actions unrolling in the present result in future temporal outcomes.  They exist in a hierarchized order governed by the normative logic of urgency.By understanding how temporal practices are utilized hierarchically to construct a specific temporal configuration oriented towards an academic and socio-economic achievement of Success Academy’s “scholars” the current sociological understanding of time that treats temporal practices in isolation with one another is challenged. It is argued that different temporal practices utilized in an institutional context interact with each other. The discourse they underpin and the institutional goal they serve pivots the logic of such temporal interaction that produces unique outcomes educational outcomes – in the case of Success Academy in closing the achievement gap.

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Veronika Cibulkova (Slovakia) 8788
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