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The aim of this communication is to assess the skills of undergraduate students of International Relations that have enrolled in curricular internships from 2012 to 2019. To gather the information, the internal database of our university will be used to access the reports that organizations submitted between 2012 and 2019. In these reports, organizations assess the performance of our students in more than forty skills that go from the students’ technical abilities, to writing, communication or language skills. The preliminary results clearly show that our students are highly valued in the organizations that offer internships to our students. Indeed, most of these organizations have been offering those vacancies for several years. As a result of this assessment what we expect is to have a better idea of what are the skills in which our students stand out and in which ones there are shortfalls. The idea will be to identify those skills where students fall behind in order to improve professors’ approach to teaching. For instance, while our students seem to stand out in the ability to manage information on international events and in their ability to learn, they seem to find more difficulties in areas related to writing and communications skills or creativity and initiative. This analysis can lead us to propose a number of alternatives to improve those skills in our students. For example, it can be proposed that professors increase the number of tasks where students have to speak in public or exercises where a problem has to be solved using the student’s creativity.Video available at:

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Xira Ruiz Campillo (Spain) 6789
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Kattya Cascante Hernández (Spain) 8909
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Isaías Barreñada Bajo (Spain) 8979
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