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In Turkey, the educational institutions are divided into 3 service regions in terms of the conditions of their residential areas. In forming the service regions, the following factors are taken into consideration: geographical location, level of development etc. In Turkey, the teachers face different positive and negative conditions in fulfilling their professional duties depending on the service regions where they work. The psychological resilience is the feature that will support the teachers in terms of maintaining their performance, motivation, and efficiency in the face of difficulties they encounter in their professional lives. The purpose of this study was to describe the psychological resilience and job satisfaction levels of pre-school teachers in terms of various variables and to reveal the relationship between the psychological resilience and the job satisfaction. The method of this research is a relational research model which is one of the quantitative research methods. Within the scope of the study, the goal was to reach the pre-school teachers working in different regions. Since the other data collection methods were not feasible in terms of time and cost, the online data collection method was used to achieve this goal. The research data were collected through “Survey Monkey”, a widely preferred online web-based survey development site. In the study, the general information form was used to obtain the demographic information about the teachers; and the “Resilience Scale for Adults” and the “Minnesota Job Satisfaction Scale” were used to determine the teachers’ psychological resilience and job satisfaction levels, respectively. Within the scope of the study, a total of 1060 pre-school teachers from 3 different service regions were reached. The research data were analyzed using the SPSS statistical software. The data analysis process and reliability studies of the research are still ongoing. Therefore, the findings and conclusions will be shared later.

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Özge AKGÜN (Turkey) 8731
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Serap ERDOĞAN (Turkey) 8881
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