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This presentation draws a general picture of today’s time-based educational system in Algeria with the teaching of English as a Foreign Language as a case in point. We shall then expose the pros and cons for the implementation of the CBLT in Algeria. A number of classroom observations and empirical results will be given as markers of school failure in Algeria today. The system under study lacks in fact the opportunity and the adequate environment for the acquired knowledge to become dynamic rather than static. A time-based system as expounded in our schools and universities remains inadequate for such an achievement. The answer would rather be teaching and training based on competencies. An adequately implemented Competency Based Approach to Language Teaching (CBLT) is a possible avenue of exploration for a more appropriate ELF/EFL learning and teaching in Algeria. Key words: time-based educational system, school failure, Algeria, dynamic vs. static learning, CBLT.

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BOUHADIBA Abderrahmane, Noureddine (Algeria) 552
I'm a Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FLE) in the Department of English at Oran2 University, Oran, Algeria. My main area of interest is the Didactics of English, with special reference to Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Algerian Universities. My other area of investigation is Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics for the Arabic, English, and French languages.
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