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Within the educational system, heritage-related curriculum design and contents constitute a key factor in the sustainable preservation of heritage itself since only what is known and valued can be protected and preserved. Heritage constitutes a unique and irreplaceable resource that makes it possible for us to know how people lived in the past, guiding us into the future, as well as a generator of feelings of identity and social and cultural belonging. Whether heritage education involves the inclusion of new materials in the curriculum, or the use of innovative approaches in handling heritage-related contents that are already present in the several curricular areas in order to facilitate their teaching and promote heritage awareness, the fact remains that the curriculum itself becomes an important player. Starting from this premise, our research aims at analysing the way heritage is approached in the 17 Decrees or Autonomic Orders regulating the Primary Education curriculum in the Spanish territory. The results show that practically the whole set of legal texts includes the full procedural sequence of sensitization: Knowing-Understanding- Respecting-Valuing in order to Take Care of-Enjoy-Transmit. Even so, the approach taken mainly focuses on an attitudinal stance that must be superseded by heritagisation processes capable of generating heritage-related bonds and feelings among students. On the other hand, we find major differences across Spain’s regions regarding heritage awareness and curricular coverage: an issue that should be borne in mind in curriculum revision processes and in the design of academic programmes targeted at future teachers in order to secure the quality of heritage education.   Video link to youtube: GKA EDU 2020 - How do we teach heritage in the Primary Education Curriculum in Spain-.

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Marta Martínez Rodríguez 2626
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