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TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED INNOVATIVE DEVICES AND PEDAGOGIES FOR TEACHING THE UNREACHABLES DUE TO CULTURAL PRACTICES IN AFRICA. By Dr. Ejinwa, E.Dr. Ojiaku, F.C Department of Adult and Continuing Education Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Nigeria. 08038866689.   Abstract This study constructively x-rayed the strategies of using technology enhanced innovative pedagogies to ameliorate the influence of negative cultural practices on learning in Africa. This study is very vital because there is much cultural influence on learning in most tribes in Africa. Most children of school age are not given any education as a result of cultural practices. These cultural practices that act as hindrance to learning will be exhaustively researched on and appropriate technological enhanced pedagogy and associated devices that could help these tucked away ‘unreachables’ learn, outlined.The above are instances of people who are denied education as a result of cultural practice in Africa. These are the ‘unreachables’ affected by cultural practices in terms of having equal access to education. This study aim to come up with technology enhance strategies as well as learning preferences suitable for each group of the affected people denied opportunity of attending regular school with their peers as a result of cultural barriers to learning in Africa. Keywords:  innovative pedagogies, cultural practices in Africa    

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Emenike Ejinwa (Nigeria) 8639
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