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Technologies involvement in school systems have been controversial since the beginning of education, but as the development of technology increases, so does the students' intelligence. Students as young as preschoolers have been exposed technology either at home or elsewhere, so in the classroom is should be included as well. The research process to prove this method correct is the improvement of SAT scores of students who have been using computer programs at a younger age. Another reason that supports technology in a classroom is the fact that jobs are increasingly becoming technology dependent so if there are students who can understand it, the school has properly prepared them for their futures. My research paper takes the perspective that technology should be in classrooms for they have extremely beneficial results for the students. I believe that writing this paper is important because it is incredibly relevant as technology becomes more advanced every day. My paper also acknowledges other ways technology impacts the school system and why it is still controversial to this day.

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Victoria Gagas (United States of America) 8618
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