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R eligion is a complex human phenomenon that can be analyzed from different epistemological and anthropological perspectives, from which religious experiences are reconstructed as part of the active relationship between personal consciousness and the disruptive presence of a transcendent "other". In the case of the town of Usme in Bogotá, Colombia, there is a significant population of young afro-descendants, who will be the object of study of this research and have a series of religious and cultural beliefs rooted in their origins and traditions, which lead to consider and assess religious life in a different manner. Under this consideration, in this research, case of study, it is analyzed how ethnoeducation, as a public policy in Colombia, allows the development of the religious experience of young Afro-descendants from the town of Usme, for which a descriptive qualitative study with a hermeneutical-interpretive paradigm is implemented, deploying techniques of focus groups and biographical stories in order to have an approach to the ethno-educational reality and to the knowledge of the religious experience of these young people.

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Jorge Alberto Paez Pint (Colombia) 6785
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