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Colombia is a multiethnic and pluricultural country. This is the historical outcome of different migratory processes that took place at the time of the discovery of America, where men and women of different races, cultures and religious beliefs came together. During this time the bringing and kidnapping of African people was ordered by the Spanish Monarchy in order to be enslaved in the New World. At that time  it was said that Africans had no soul and therefore they were cruelly enslaved. After many years in the seventeenth century, Benkos Bioho, a precursor of the freedom of enslaved Africans in America, fought for the rights of them in the New World. However, after many centuries the Colombian Afro-descendant population continues living the yoke of the forced displacement, as a result of the country's internal armed conflict. Many of them have taken refuge in large cities like Bogota, where they have brought the pain of the war but they also have brought the cultural and religious wealth, which manifests their pursuit of God, the respect for their rights, through the justice and social equity. This research, titled “Approach to the ethnoeducational phenomenon and the religious experience of young Afrodescendants from the town of Usme in Bogota, Colombia”, seeks to understand how ethnoeducation as a public policy in Colombia, allows the development of religious experience in young Afrodescendants. In the same way, this investigation tracks sociodemographic variables, analyze categories such as religious experience, the educational component and the intercultural component of young Afro-descendants in Bogota through the narrative method. Finally, this research seeks to acknowledge the importance and challenges of ethnoeducation as a public policy that tries to give answers to the needs of the new social, cultural and religious configurations.

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Jorge Alberto Paez Pint (Colombia) 6785
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