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Now a days many high schools and universities are promoting community service learning program by making it a part of admission process therefore, students participate in community service learning program to get admission in a good institution however, after completing the community service program they see themselves more socially responsible citizens. This study aimed to explore the impact of community service learning on the social skills of students. The research study also determined to know how community service learning help students to become good citizens. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative methods. For quantitative data 100 O- level school students from five different schools situated in middle socio-economic locality were selected randomly and among them twenty five students were selected for the focused group interview. Ten students were selected from the recipients schools (NGOs) to understand the experience of community service from beneficiaries’ perspective. After modification the likert scale measurement tool used for the research study was Community Service Self-Entitlement Questionnaire (CSSEQ) developed by August Hoffman and Julie Wallach (2007) to measure impact of community service learning on students. T-test was applied to evaluate the results attained from the quantitative data. The results revealed that community service learning program has positive impact on the social skills of O-level students. Besides, students from recipients’’ schools had also positive learning experience.

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Azmina Afzal (United States of America) 8718
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