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Although teaching is an occupation which has certain rules, respectable and interbedded with ethics, nevertheless, ethical dilemmas are frequently being encountered (Svinicki, 1994). Even if it is thought that instructors need to shoulder the responsibility of their own behaviors and attitudes, sometimes the faculty may act unethically endangering the physical and psychological health of students (Johnson, 2007) and these may lead to some negative memories in the minds of the students which they find difficult to erase. As the studies reflecting the perspectives of the students on this topic are scarce, a study with university students both from Turkey and the USA has been conducted to analyze their perspectives of unethical behaviors of the faculty. Methods   Topic being a sensitive one, the study has been planned to have a qualitative method. Semi-structured interviews and focus group meetings have been conducted with students (2nd and 4th grades, different faculties) in state (3) and foundation (2) universities in Turkey and a non-profit private university in the USA (different schools and grades). Being a qualitative study, the results cannot be generalized. Results According to the preliminary findings, the students are knowledgeable enough to describe academic ethics. They have some concerns about the evaluation procedures of some faculty making them question the issue of fairness. It can be inferred that while students are exposed to injustice and sexual and/or verbal abuse-related behaviors by the faculty more, they are less exposed to occupation-related unethical behaviors.

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Burcu Erdemir 574
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