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This study presents the cultural adaptation and validity of evidences of the Inventory Growing Disciples Inventory (GDI) for the Portuguese language in Brazil and for the Brazilian culture. The COSMIN Taxonomy was used for this research, and the Inventory was translated from the original in English to Portuguese by two translators, after it was translated back to English by two other translators, followed by evaluation by a committee of experts and the pre-test applying the Inventory with 42 adults among college and community people. A qualitative analysis of the inventory was made and a pre-final version of the scale was developed for a larger sample application. The validity of the contents of the inventory was obtained through the analysis by the expert committee that elaborated a pre-final version to be used in the pre-test. The pre-test pointed out some modifications that should be made in the instrument so that it was better understood by the respondents. The mean time of application was 50 minutes. The pre-test revealed the respondents' understanding of the inventory and its reproducibility. The internal consistency of the instrument was obtained by Cronbach's Alpha (0.87) from the pre-test data.

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Helena Viana (Brazil) 8033
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Gildene Silva (Brazil) 8810
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