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The purpose of this research is to investigate practices of staff empowerment in Addis Ababa City, and determinants of staff development along with achievements attained so far. The study sees specifically to comparative roles and achievements observed of woman empowerment against men. In Addis Ababa city administration, a number of women are   employed both in academic and administrative spheres. But, the nature of empowerment through education, and the challenges they, so far, face in getting opportunities are issues seeking research. Whereas different forms of promotion require the employed women to be educated, and education has due impact on career advancement, the extent to which they get opportunity to improve their educational status and service standards is an issue open to research. Hence, this research investigates status of women’s empowerment through education in comparison with men counterparts, challenges they face in getting empowered, and opportunities they can see forward towards improving their career status. For the realization of this study, mixed-design of concurrent model will be used. Data for the research will be collected from women employees of   government offices, namely municipality, trade and industry, women and children’s affairs, and education.  Samples will be drawn from among women employees through stratified random sampling, where binary mode questionnaires will be used. Officers will also be data-providers to be identified purposively, as per their roles and experiences. With officers, naturalistic interaction will be made through semi-structured interview and focus-group discussion in order to triangulate the   data so that the study can have a comprehensive nature. The collected data will systematically be organized and interpreted through descriptive statics and thematic analysis.

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Endalew Kufi (Ethiopia) 8575
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