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Forced migration and a large number of internally displaced people represent a considerable problem in Colombia after more than 50 years of armed conflict. Various types of violence penetrate different areas of society, including schools. Aggravated by these circumstances, structural violence, cultural violence and direct violence are present in many Colombian homes, being transported from the families into the classroom. Based on this evidence, this research paper is exploring the possibility of positively influencing young people, a vulnerable and active group in every society, through peer mediation and conflict resolution programmes in schools. These initiatives imply structures for improving and learning coexistence, and developing structural and procedural changes in schools based on participation. In short, the idea is, on one hand to seek and facilitate better school coexistence, and on the other hand to create a more peaceful and democratic society through the implementation of such programmes in the long term.

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Martina Spann 2974
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Juan Torrego Seijo (Spain) 8857
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Carlos Monge López (Spain) 8943
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