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The study intended to use migrant literature as narrative connection to help readers understand the life and experience of migrants, who may have left their homeland to start their new lives or may be born in alien countries. Migrant literature is the literature written by migrants or about stories of migration or migrants. However, while attempting to pursue better material or social lives, these migrants may come to the countries whose cultures are always unfamiliar or even strange to them. In order to realize these migrants’ stories and experience, the study had modified Engel, Zarconi, Pethel, et al.’s six narratives skills for the study of migrant literature and further used the skills as narrative connection to approach these migrants’ cultures and acculturation. Engel, Zarconi, Pethel, et al.’s six narratives skills have been mainly used in healthcare for patients, healthcare professionals, and communities to reach a healing effect. The study had modified the six narrative skills for migrant literature and the initial modified skills were: practice of diasporic or migrant imagination; practice of empathic attendance and attentive listening; close reading and interpretation of migrants’ life and experience in literary texts, such as predicament, conflicts, struggling, etc.; reflective writing and narration of migrants’ stories and experience; empathetic reasoning with migrants’ stories and experience; engagement in migrants’ stories and experience. Using migrant literature as narrative connection with the assistance of narrative skills, readers can have more opportunities to mimetically experience the life and experience of migrants, either first generation migrants or second generation migrants. Readers may further realize these migrants’ suffering while these migrants are trying hard to adapt or assimilate into the new cultural contexts, moreover, reaching a sense of belongingness and personal identities.

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Hung-Chang Liao (Taiwan) 8627
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Ya-huei Wang (Taiwan) 8824
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