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The political events in Brazil in the last decade, notably the yearning for the fight against corruption practices, greater transparency, and the political practices following the wishes of the population, demonstrate that the search for control in the public sector is an object of Brazilian society's interest. In this sense, one of the complaints concerns the practices of the Brazilian public administration, which require greater supervision, control, and transparency. Thus, an ongoing initiative by the Brazilian Federal Government is the adoption of digital practices in the provision of public services. Given the above, this article seeks to understand how the process of digital transformation in the provision of public services can impact the practices of public servants, notably their discretion and control. To this end, we will use the Federal Government Census of Public Attendance Services, an extensive survey conducted in the biennium 2017 and 2018 to map the digitization of federal services in Brazil.

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Leandro Rodrigues 2249
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Willian Wives (Brazil) 8519
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