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Water supplies from groundwater and surface water resources globally have continued to dwindle as a result of resource depletion and pollution, whilst demand is rising fast because of population growth, industrialization, urbanization and mechanization. This study seeks to assess the quality of water obtained from the Okobo coal mine site as well as surrounding water bodies. Water samples were purposively and randomly collected from 6 locations properly labeled plastic bottles (labeled A- F) and after which physico-chemical analyses was carried out in the laboratory. Results were subjected to descriptive statistics and analysis of variance (ANOVA) and compared with Word Health Organization (WHO) and Federal Environment protection Agency (FEPA)Standards. The results of this study indicated that the pH ranged from slightly acidic to strongly acid, only the pH value of sample F (6.85) fall within acceptable limit, the turbidity values of A, B, D, E (53.67-85.00) are above the permissive values, while the sulphate(2.66-258mg/l), nitrate(0.02-39.00mg/l), and phosphate(1.16-5.88mg/l) levels fall within the WHO/FEPA limits.  The total hardness of all the samples ranges between(42-374mg/l) thus, not within the recommended limit of WHO/ FEPA. Only water sample F can be satisfied potable. The study therefore recommend that continuous monitoring of surface water quality is necessary to ascertain the level of pollution at all times; this will help in water treatment needs of the study area.

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TOKULA EMMANUEL (Nigeria) 8480
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Musa salihu (Nigeria) 8308
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Eyimoga Helen (Nigeria) 8037
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