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Communication is a very important tool to make people reflect on critical issues of living such as the survival of the Eco-System of the Earth. Specifically, to focus on a sustainable development of the planet and managing climate change in a manner conducive to healthy, egalitarian and prosperous living.  Eco communication can influence audiences to raise their ‘environmental’ and ‘sustainable’ awareness. Traditional and social media could convey credible and relevant messages effectively and develop ‘eco conscience’ by increasing knowledge and awareness of eco-sustainable issues.  The most important factor in ‘green consumption’ is ‘environmental awareness’ – those who are aware and have adequate information on sustainability and sustainable consumption tend to understand the importance of  recycling, buying fair-trade products and forest conservation and thus, change their behavior and practices in line with green consumption (Valor 2008; Thergersen 2005).  However, corporations also ought to empower and inspire consumers to move towards sustainable lifestyles with their products and services, business practices, and step up the corporate responsibility rhetoric.  In this paper I analyze about four documentaries available to the public, either on DVD or via steaming services (Netflix & Amazon), that are directly espousing sustainability, sustainable lifestyle and sustainable consumption leading to a greener economy.  The documentaries selected are: Rotten, The Rise of Sustainability, Waste is Food, Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future, Greening the Desert and Planet Re: Think. The methodology used to analyze the documentaries will be critical-historical analysis as normally used for film criticism.  Theoretically, the analysis will be based on diffusion of innovation and agenda-setting theories.  Research on documentaries will give us an insight into the efficacy of the medium in increasing awareness amongst consumers.

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