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The application of Geoinformatics and space technology for comprehensive, reliable and real-time geo-spatial data acquisition and utilization in environmental hazard management cannot be underscored. Flooding phenomenon is considered the world’s worst global hazard. The aim of the study is to analyze and assess the effect of proximity of the people to the river sources and the flooding occurrence in the Lokoja town. The specific objectives are to examine the level of flood plain encroachment by the inhabitants in the study area and to examine the spread of flooding across the various neighbourhoods in the study area in relation to the nearness to the rivers. LANDSAT ETM+ satellite imagery was utilized in a GIS environment using ArcGIS and ILWIS software. Landsat ETM+ was obtained and subjected into a GIS environment with ArcGIS for Radiometric Corrections. The study area was later sub-seted into the sub-basins. This was achieved by clipping, to show the interface of flood plain and physical development. The result indicates that the distance value to the river of between 0-1,714m claims the highest percentage (29.81%), which shows that larger percentage of the neighbourhoods/areas are close to the river, hence more susceptible to flood. The analysis also revealed that the proximity of Ganaja, Gadumo, Natako, Cantonement, Kabawa, Adankolo to the River Niger are very close. Lokongoma and Otokiti shows close proximity to the Meme River, while part of Natako, Felele and Sarki Noma have their proximity to the Natako River. In all, GRA and Barrack have the farthest proximity to river and are less vulnerable. It is strongly recommended that reduction in floodplain encroachment and compliances to landuse planning should be encouraged to combat the menace.

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Ocholi Ogbaje (Nigeria) 8332
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