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Green infrastructure is a concept with many approaches, but usually it refers to connected networks of multifunctional spaces which support ecological and social processes. Thus, considering green infrastructure in the urban policy documents represent a support in the efficient use of resources in order to promote urban development in concordance with the economic growth, participatory planning and governance, environmental policy, social cohesion and justice, public health and quality of life, environment protection. In the study we focused on programming, strategic and planning documents referring to aspects of the environmental management, which are relevant for implementation of the green infrastructure. The method includes several steps, starting with the identification and analysis of the problem and planning actions, continuing with the implementation and evaluation of the results. The activities related to green infrastructure were clustered into three groups: (1) design of new green infrastructure components, (2) physical changes of existing green infrastructure and (3) using or promoting the existing green infrastructure. The results showed that in the analyzed documents dominates the activities that lead to physical modifications of existing green infrastructure and the creation of new elements. In the same time, the activities regarding the increased usage of green infrastructure are less mentioned. In conclusion, our study can help the better organization of urban policy and coordination of different sectors in order to establish planning targets which included the management of all the types of green infrastructure.

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Cristina Mitincu (Romania) 7873
Scientific production

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Ioan Ioja (Romania) 7872
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