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As far as it’s concerned that an issue of global warming has been debated around the world and it is bringing more attention to the people now. This is perhaps owing to recent natural catastrophes witnessed in different parts of the planet in which the world’s scientists have expressed their concerns about the imminent environmental crisis, believed to be caused by humans upsetting of the natural balance. From a Buddhist perspective, this paper will be attempted by me to consider how the core Buddhist teachings reflect on this global issue which is threatening human wellbeing worldwide. There are many interesting points to be considered, some of them might have already been studied by others such as scholars, researchers, or authors. However, in this paper, I will be trying to point out which is Buddhist teachings and fatalism. So the question is raised as follows: is global warming our irresistible fate? If so, what is the Buddhist attitude towards this fate? Furthermore, this paper has been divided into four parts. To depict global warming, first, I will discuss background information regarding the global warming phenomenon. Second part will deal with an analysis of this phenomenon according to the principle of dependent origination, however, other Buddhist tenets will be mentioned and referenced where it seems relevant. In the central third part, an argument on Buddhism and fatalism will be debated. Herein, the teaching of action will be analyzed in comparison and contrast with the concept of fatalism. Last but least, from the proceeding discussion, this paper will culminate with some Buddhist stances towards the global warming crisis.

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SHIMO SRAMAN (Thailand) 7827
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