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This study constitutes a proposal for a doctoral thesis, which has the main objective to investigate how Portuguese university students perceive the risks associated with online aggression and what are the precautionary behaviours against such risks. It addresses, therefore, the theme of online aggression, a phenomenon that, simultaneously with the intensification of the use of digital technologies, has globally affected a significant number of youths. In this scope, as public policies are designed and social actions are being driven to counteract the phenomenon, online aggressions continue to broaden their range of action and bring immeasurable adverse repercussions to the involved. Thus, identifying what constitutes the greatest risks related to this issue, as well as the difficulties in its precaution leads to the development of more effective public and educational policies at the national level. As there are many European projects directed to this subject, through this communication, the author intends to bring up the theme of cyberaggression in the Higher Education and highlights the necessity of better public policies within the universities, not only in Portugal but in several European countries.

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Eliza Oliveira 1188
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