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Beginning with the fact that the diverse societies and civilizations throughout history have created Gods and myths to define their being, explain the Universe, understand life and death, the present essay has the objective of postulating the hypothesis that religions as well as the identity narratives of nationalism, emerge fundamentally from the conflict between man and his reality. This conflict refers to the rupture with reality, the exile from the totality of the world, caused by the self-consciousness of the subjectivity in man. The consciousness which allows us to see the difference between our being and the rest of reality, makes it necessary to find meaning that reintegrates the subject conscious of its own individuality with the world. Throughout the text, two levels in which culture manifests itself will be proposed, the first-seen through existentialism and ontology- implies the creation of Gods that have the objective of giving meaning to individual and collective existence. Meanwhile, the second level seen through the optic of historical materialism, covers the assimilation of religious narratives by a ruling class in order to legitimize its power and identity. 

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Nicolas Fajardo (Colombia) 3069
Soy un estudiante de filosofia y escritor. Actualmente estoy finalizando mi primera novela cuyo eje central versa sobre la historia, la revolucion y la busqueda de una utopia social y politica. Represento literariamente, elementos de la filosofia existencial sobre todo acerca de la muerte, el sentido de la vida, y tambien exploro diversos ambitos del saber desde el psicoanalisis hasta la metafisica. En el plano academico, me especializo en el Marxismo.
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