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Currently Pakistan holds fifth position in world’s top ten remittance recipient countries. The transfers of remittances help the left behind families and community in broader context to improve their situations at many levels. Normally they send remittance for families to accommodate their daily needs and to allocate on some investment purposes. But in many cases the allocation of remittances remained focused on nonproductive activities. In the case of community development, the remittances are allocated to number of activities such as health, education, roads, sanitation, water supply etc. In the current locale, Karrianwala village (although by the size of population it could be pronounced as town), District Gujrat, the role of foreign remittances was evident in improving the community situation by installing water supply, pavement of roads/streets and sanitation during 1990s and afterwards. Although, these developmental activities were initiated by the committees comprising members from all major caste groups of village but it was also co-financed by the Gujrati diaspora living throughout the world. Ethnographic fieldwork was conducted to collect data from a set of respondents (1) from the member of village development committee, and (2) from the heads of left behind families having at least one active migrant member. In addition to this two key informant were also taken to get their detailed perspectives on the issue. The results showed a positive correlation between remittances and community development. The majority of migrants were strongly connected with the people at origin and they were very concerned about the problems faced by the left behinds.

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Sarfraz Khan (Pakistan) 8439
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