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Public interest in ancestry has fostered a ready market niche for genetic testing companies that provide a much deeper account of genetic links than family genealogies. The aim of the NGP is to create a database of human genetic variation analysing DNA samples around the world by genetic testing kits bought and sent by customers/participants. For around 100 € they are provided with a  putative chart of regional and populational origins were their genetic marks are found in the highest proportion. This sort of genetic tracking position people in world history and the human species, bolstering a sense of belonging and self-identity with many possible purposes and instrumentality. In exchange for buying and sending DNA samples they also get to participate in the virtual community of co-users created by the NGP digital platform, a tool for a public practice of recreational genetics. In genetic research DNA differences are essentialised as the ultimate explanation of human diversity, both at the individual and population level.  The scientific narrative and nomenclature  remains for the expert research environment that is, the media, the lab, its procedures, the genetists, the academic and scientific papers, and so forth. Paradoxically, the NGP produce and reproduce an heterogenous ensemble of classificatory systems and criteria, very much ingrained in the history of western socio-political and epistemological relations with the Rest, in a never-ending grammar of othering. An this both for the expert and lay epistemic community. The main purpose of this paper is to de-construct these taxonomies based on non-coterminous criteria for regional and populational origins adscriptions.

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Eugenia Ramirez-Goicoechea (Spain) 7957
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