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The article aims to describe the medium-term impacts of a major earthquake event (Chile, February 27, 2010) on 26 seniors. Method: The authors adopted a qualitative study approach. Results: Data obtained using the Impact Event Scale- Revised (IES-R) show the presence of manifestations of post-traumatic stress in the majority of respondents. Additionally, data collected in interviews demonstrated a progressive deterioration of the health of respondents over a period of four years following the disaster. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to the effects of material loss, emotional stress, and post-disaster health complications. These impacts are exacerbated by low economic status. Discussion: Further, broader research is necessary involving elderly living in poverty who have survived natural disasters and others without such experiences, in order to better identify and differentiate between health complications associated with exposure to disaster events and those linked more strictly with natural ageing processes.

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Oscar Labra (Canada) 8342
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