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It may be easy for immigrants taking the decision of migration by riding the boats or crossing the borders to reach Europe .However,they face many challenges in their lives including the problem of health care. Despite of maternity and emergency cares which provided by some European countries but remain not enough according of some international reports.For the report of World Health Organization in 2019 criticized for the treatment of European Health System with undocumented immigrants and it mentioned the factors which prevent some immigrants from obtaining basic health care are the language problems,deportation and detention fears,discrimination,lack of knowledge and cultural awareness.WHO considered this measure is incompatible for the promotion of the basic right to health,especially that the heath security actually is becoming a major variable in international policy ‘s agenda,so there is no separation between global health and migration.For the report of IFRC in 2018 entitled  «  New Walled Oreder :how barriers to basic services turn migration into a humanitarian crisis » proved there are barriers face the migrants to accessing essential services that are indispensable to teir basic dignity such as health care,shelter,food.And added the immigrant is afraid go to doctor because some European laws require the disclosure of details of immigrants. Therefore, many international organizations are calling the necessity of coordination between the countries to give health care to immigrants suffering infectious diseases to avoid transmission ,also elimination the informations exchange system and allow immigrants to accessing health care without fear.  

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Cherifa Benzidane (Algeria) 7811
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