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The Rohingya’s endless plight of statelessness and suffering since 2017 surfaces periodically in the mass media and has the attention of the world at large. However, rarely is anything heard of their individual voices making pleas to be saved from annihilation. One of the voices trying desperately to reach out for help for his people through his narratives in various social platforms is Haikal Mansor, a Rohingya who was born in Maungdaw, Burma and who currently lives in Carlow, Ireland. Haikal’s poetry is unpublished but is worthy of attention for it trenchantly encapsulates the images of dislocation and desolation through a range of figures of speech. Five of Haikal’s poems entitled, ‘A Heart Turns’, ‘Abas’, ‘Wall Of Darkness’, ‘Dawn Of Hope’ and ‘Fúañti’ will be discussed in this paper. The intention of this study is to go beyond providing a mere stylistic analysis of the poetry of a suffering creed to making the voice of the people heard in the poetic plea of Haikal Mansor.

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