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One of the defining factors of regional resilience is the local innovation potential and activity. The territorial, regional analysis of this innovation potential is closely linked to geography and to the geography of innovation. At the same time, innovation geography is one of the younger disciplines of our time, and it has produced many competing theories to understand the production of innovation in space, through time and in different institutional settings. Our research objective is not only to explore but also to quantify the theoretical-historical dynamics of the theories of innovation geography using big data tools, pointing to the main paradigm shifts and current approaches, mentioning the perfectly informed and rational, optimizing corporations of the neoclassical school, location theories, industrial district approaches or the growth pole theories of post-war Keynesian spatial planning. Our analysis also covers learning regions, networks and innovation systems. Lessons from these historically competing approaches, as well as the quantified trends of these could be of use to those involved in economic, strategic planning and regulation since the research maps the hegemonic theories of each decade in the past century.

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Daniel Olah (Hungary) 8337
Scientific production

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