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North Africa witnesses an ardent conflict for identity, between arabists and defenders of Amazigh identity, which began years ago. This conflict is displayed mainly through political fight, academic writings, news reports, social media, and popular demonstrations, which at times ended in a clash between citizens and authority and led to human loss. Those victims are today considered for many Amazigh as a symbol of sacrifice from which the current generation derives energy to be steadfast to its principles and continue to fight for a cause it evaluates as “just”. The objective of this paper is to uncover the nature and causes of this crisis, its different parties and their opposing claims. It will try to find out whether the crisis falls under the effect of the post-truth era, and proffer suggestions to deal with the situation in case. The main question this paper will attempt to answer is whether the post-truth culture plays a role in the identity crisis in the Maghreb. If the crisis is an outcome of the post-truth phenomenon, it means one or more parties are manipulating the situation to serve vested interests or ideologies. To answer this key question, we need to answer a series of sub-questions: who are North African inhabitants? How did the identity crisis emerge? Why does the crisis persist? is the “post-truth” culture framing the crisis? How to deal with the crisis? This study will use a descriptive, argumentative and analytical approach; and it will make reference to news reports, historical monuments and documents, and previous works of activists and academics whenever necessary.

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