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Dreams, which govern an important place in psychoanalysis, are accepted as major scales that explain the subconscious thoughts of an individual. As a motif, 'dreams' which we frequently witness in literary works have many aims. Dream motif is foregrounded in stylistic analyses and is interpreted as foreshadowing, warning, inner journey or reflection of subconsciousness. 'Dream', which is used in psychoanalysis to comprehend an individual's pychological state, reflects the hidden thoughts of characters in literary works while guiding the readers to reach the message of the writer. The aim of this study is to examine the dream motif in sigificant literary works in World Literature in terms of Comparative Literary Studies. Within this scope, the vitality of dream motif, its functions and aims will be expalined via samples from the World Literature. Key words: Dream, foreshadowing, Comparative Literature, World Literature, motif, stylistics

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Senem Üstün Kaya (Turkey) 7937
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