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Ideas and traditions of Western cultures have been diffusing to all parts of the world beginning with colonization and continuing with globalization. India has had an intimate interaction with and influence of western ideologies due to the history of colonization that has shaped various institutions of the modern Indian society including that of education. After independence, liberalization of the economy and the inevitable consequent -  globalization - became rampant in India and its influences were seen not only in the market but also, and as a result, in the socio-cultural identity of Indians. New ways of living and thinking have reached a nation known for being archaic, superstitious and traditional as if as a ray of hope for its people. Among changes at almost all levels of the Indian society and culture, a major change that has happened is the ban on corporal punishment of children in schools throughout India and the precursor to that was the UNCRC's drive to ensure global protection of children from abuse as part of its child rights initiative.In this study, I gather qualitative information from students and teachers of various schools in Kolkata through in-depth interviews in order to realize the effects of the ideologies of child rights and positive disciplining, understood as Western in origin, on the daily negotiations of disciplining and punishing in the school space in these changing times since the ban on corporal punishment. I also focus, more strongly, on the impact of these changes on the perceptions of students and teachers of Kolkata regarding the very ideas of discipline, punishment and child rights as they are understood and propagated by the West.

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Rikhia Ghoshal (India) 8399
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