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Taking into consideration the assumptions of the Psychodynamics of Work, the roles of mothering and studying can be recognized as work. Thus, this study aimed to analyze the social and psychological damages that may be present in the experiences of women living under both of these conditions.A questionnaire for data collection was published online and answered by university mothers from Brazil, with children from 0 to 5 years old. The average age of the 453 women who responded to the questionnaire was 27.2 years (SD = 5.6), and most of them were public university students (59.5%). Originally, two scales were answered, however, this specific study analyzed only the Work-Related Damage Assessment Scale - EADRT (Mendes & Ferreira, 2007), adapted to two conditions: being a mother and a university student. Specifically addressed here was the factor of social and psychological damage in both contexts – mother (alpha = 0.956) and student (alpha = 0.949).The highest rates of social and psychological harm found were related to personal insecurity, desire for social isolation and emotional distress for both roles. It is considered that both work contexts require some degree of commitment and performance. Each environment contains levels of cognitive, physical, and affective demands that are integrated , subjecting women to make choices and set priorities, often bringing a sense of failure in activities, dissatisfaction with roles, and feelings of overload.

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Êmili Cassimiro (Brazil) 8283
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Fernanda Assunção (Brazil) 7983
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Alice Bentes (Brazil) 7742
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Carla Xavier Antloga (Brazil) 7784
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Renata Monteiro (Brazil) 8392
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