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There is a long migration history of overseas Chinese, previous works have analyzed the migrating patterns, the characteristics and trends of concentration. Though the other four continents have covered most of the migration destinations, Africa, with nearly one million Chinese living there, is less mentioned. A rapid growth between China and Africa has been shown since 1990s. The rise of Sinophilia and Sinophobia coexists in recent years. This proposal mainly focuses on the Maghreb, by studying the case of Chinese migrant workers for the Great Mosque Project in Algeria. It includes the emigration process of the target group, characteristics, driving forces, regional distribution, employment status, local acceptance, and cultural integration. The adaptation strategy and the impact of political/geostrategic situation from the available frameworks of IR theory will also be discussed. The analysis of the characteristics of Chinese migrant workers in Algeria could pave the way to strategies for emigrants to protect the proper rights and to better integrate into the local society. Different from the traditional migration study or international relations, this proposal could also be a great help in addressing the deficiencies of mainstream theories in terms of China’s engagement in North Africa and enrich them with perspectives from social science and humanity. This in a way can contribute to macro policy makers how the governments could cooperate. The conceptual framework is also valuable in inspiring new perceptions to the understanding of other ethnic groups in the Maghreb, or China’s international migrant workers.  

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Charlotte Guo (United Kingdom) 8529
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