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Culture, in the post-colonial world, is a very complex term encompassing a large range of perspectives in progressive venture such as a way of life, certain set of traditions and practices, indicating the basic identity. It also involves a set of apparatus of cooperative society and the most effective tool for inserting political ideology perpetuating subjugation and a means for establishing the discrimination. Marxist critics have proposed ‘culture’ as an ideological product. The prevalent socio-cultural ideology which may/may not have been designed with political, patriarchal ideology, had been working as prototype for the consecutive generations. But women’s exploitation and victimization in the name of culture is prevalent all over the world. Feminist criticism tried to highlight the condition of women through various dimensions of feminism. Thus, the purpose of the present paper is to disclose the process of cultural stereotyping of women from their childhood in almost all the communities of the society and their elevation through all the feminist movements of the twentieth century.

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Vijaya Sethi 983
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