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For more than twenty-five hundred years, the matchless Greek classics have dominated the world arena. The unprecedent advent of Greek classical literature has hitherto proved itself vibrant and viable. In almost every institute of the world specifically the ones who deal with literature and art, Greek classics are inevitable. The torch bearers of modern civilization set way for the future generation, hence this study was undertaken with an objective of revisiting the role and importance of Greek literature. The lead questions were if the Greek classical literature does have relevant existence in contemporary literature and art, and if yes, how and why. The research design was manipulated in view of Indo-Pakistan screen literature, specifically the cinema literature. To pursue the answers, the researchers approached to the graduates of literature from six public sector universities and the students of three institutes of arts. The convergent mix method research was conducted through focus group discussion and semi structured interviews. The discussion and feedback were evaluated both qualitatively and quantitatively to determine the influence of Greek literature in contemporary Indo-Pakistan cinema. Indo-Pakistan cinema thrives with Greek classical literary ideals; contrary to contemporary Asian and Western cinema, their literary marvels rest upon the ancient Greek supernatural elements, epic tales, adherence to traditions, soliloquies and monologues etc. The results revel that the cinema literature contrary to television content depicts dominant tendency towards Greek literacy ideals.

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Aftab Charan (Pakistan) 7721
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Ghulam Buriro (Pakistan) 7999
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