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Despite all scientific advancements, in the end it is Art, Literature and Criticism which remains inexhaustibly the prima donna of all disciplines. It binds the world and humanity all across the Globe in one string and the string is that of emotions. Humanity at large separated by several isms is held together by one ism i.e Humanism. Literature and criticism (with its modern avatar of literary theories) have played a pivotal role in bringing the world together in its own unique way since antiquity. Two of the oldest civilisations namely Greece and India have contributed and shaped much of the literary and critical ambience of the world. Greek contribution to literature and criticism in last 2500 years of recorded History is undeniably of supreme importance and it acquires this position because of its close affinity with all Europe and rampant presence in all Western Academia. The great Greek tradition of Plato and Aristotle was so strong that all subsequent developments in the field of Literature and criticism owe its flourishing either in the support and continuum or in deviation of the literary and analytical conjectures propounded by the duo. Raman Selden has aptly caught the linear progression of Western critical thought and asserts it in his phenomenal work. The present paper intends to unfurl the wide contribution of Greek critics and thinkers, resemblances and contradictions of their critical doctrines with contemporaneous Indian sensibility and its impact on the canvass of world literature. The present Geopolitical and Sociological context of the world solicits a critical reading and understanding. It has become indisputably clear that the study of Humanities in general is no longer a luxury but a necessity, vital to our very survival as an enlightened civilisation. And this is indeed the greatest contribution of Greek masters to the world.

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